Getting Started on TpT

Sunday, April 10, 2016

So I have gotten started on Tpt. That isn't the hard part. Anyone can become a seller for free. Everything else after that is the hard part. It is very difficult to grow traffic to your Tpt. There are a tone of mega-sellers out there. I have spent a ton of hours creating products only to find that there is barely any traffic in my store.

Well, I have decided to devote some time researching exactly how to GROW my business because I have some great products that I use in my classroom. Especially because kindergarten seems overrun with products. So here's the advice that I have found useful so far...

Blogging is a must- This is hard for me as I am so busy trying to create products that I forget to write on my blog.

Pinterest- Collaborative boards are a good place to start and drive business to your site.

Covers/Branding- You need to have a specific style to your Tpt covers so that it is visually appealing to the eye. Covers sell products. Also use the same clip artist as much as possible.

Freebies- Offer GOOD freebies that you believe in. If it's a junked up product that you offer for free, it will say bad things about your brand.

Collaboration - Link up with like minded teachers. Blog hop. Collaborate on Pinterest boards etc.

So these are the things I am working on. I read today that one successful seller on Tpt spends 40-50 hours per week working on her business. YIKES!!!

If definitely takes some work and finding balance in all this chaos is challenging but it will be rewarding in the end!

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