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Sunday, June 26, 2016

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Small group is soooooooo important in Kindergarten. Some would say it's important in every grade and I agree. It really gives you time to work the with children and find out where their strengths and weaknesses are. I have decided to really step up my small group game this coming year. Last year, I was so disorganized with it that it didn't get done like it should have. However, I learn from my mistakes and will make sure that I plan and organize this year so that doesn't become an issue. I started by making this guided reading toolbox to help. Toolboxes are fun and help keep you organized which I feel like is really going to improve my small group instruction time. Here's how I put it together.

I got a storage container at Hobby Lobby. It was price at $8.99 but I used the 40% coupon so it wasn't that much. It was about $5.40 but its very deep and holds quite a bit which is why I got it. It also has movable trays on the inside so you can put the dividers where you need them based on what you are storing in there. It was very convenient. 
 I found some of these at Target. They were in the party section and some of these were at Hobby Lobby also in the party section.  All of the packages were 1.99-2.99 so it wasn't very expensive. I don't have witchy fingers but will be getting some when Halloween rolls around this year. :)

So how will I be using each of the items?

Cars- Letter Formation and Blending
Frogs- Segmenting and Sight Words (plan on flipping them into bowls with each correct answer)
Googly Finger Eyes- Reading and Pointing to words
Wands- Reading and as Pointers
Finger Lights- Pointing to Words
Finger Squishy Monsters- Reading and Retelling
Slinkys- Blending and Segmenting

I also have purchased a photo organizer to help me manage my small group which will have exit tickets and assessment task cards. 

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