Listening Center Update

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

After my first post on implementing my listening centers, I knew I had to do an update on how they have worked out so far this year.

I have to say that these little MP3 players are amazing! My kids are extremely engaged in their stories and it wasn't very hard to catch on how to use them. I modeled it in small group once and then, BAM! Experts. ;) Kids are so technology savvy. I love using technology to keep them engaged.

I put the mp3 player, headphones, and books all in the baskets.

When the kids choose this center, they can take the whole basket anywhere in the room.

These kids LOVE this center. 

After they finish a book, they do a quick sheet on whether or not they liked the book. They write the title, color the  smiley face or frowny face, and draw a picture from the story. We are literary critics here in Kinderland!

I can do a post on how to load the music on this if anyone has them and is having trouble. I bought these from amazon for 25$ a pop. Leave me a comment if you would like a tutorial.

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