Classroom Party Planning

Sunday, April 10, 2016

I don't know how I didn't manage to post this sooner but better late than never. This may help those that do end of year parties. We do a field day at our campus which is great but these ideas will work for any party throughout the year.

Let me start off by saying that last year's parties were a chaotic mess with students hyped up on sugar. YIKES!

This year, I'm thrilled to say...My parties were a BLAST!

This year, I had to factor in dietary restrictions so a sugar fest was not an option for my classroom. Truth be told, I'd rather get over that "junk food party" idea all together anyway. I tried doing my parties a little different this year and they were a BIG success.

First off, I had parents help me which was a tremendous relief! Since centers/workstations are my comfort zone, I decided to set up my room with games and have the students rotate.

Well the rotating didn't really work out according to plan but since I was flexible, I just let the kids do whichever station they wanted to.

Christmas Stations:

-Christmas Card Making
-Pin the Nose on Rudolph
-Snowball Toss (foam balls and wreath)
-Face Painting

Valentine's Stations:

-Valentine Card Making (surprisingly the most popular)

Card Making Station
-Pin The Heart On The Love Bug

-Cupid's Arrow Toss

I made this out of cardboard box and clearance duct tape. The arrows were from the Target Dollar Spot.
-Face Painting

This worked out so well, I have adopted this as my new party method. The kids honestly, didn't even want to eat and I kept having to remind the of the Big Red Floats and Pizza. Obviously it was a big hit if the ice cream got overlooked!!!

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  1. I'm not a teacher but I think this would work well for church parties, too! Our Easter Sunday was insane. I think I will keep stations in mind for future!