Tips to Survive The End of The Year

Sunday, April 17, 2016


I don't know if anyone else feels me on this but the end of the year is tough.

Like... Make you question your career choice tough. 😂.  There are some things I found this year to make it easier.

- Don't put extra work on your plate- don't start spring cleaning and get overwhelmed at school. Wait and use your work days for that. I know spring cleaning is a "thing" but resist the urge and go read a book. Now is not the time to redecorate and stress yourself out.

- Take your lessons outside- Anything that you can do outside, do it! Read outside, do a nature walk, take your worksheets outside on some clip boards. Enjoy the weather when you can because it will be HOT soon.

- Do something daily for yourself- Read a book, get a pedicure, or buy an outfit.  Reward yourself, you are almost done with the school year!

- Try some new things in your room- I don't mean changing your routine, but if you haven't used paint or water colors yet, now is the time to get artsy with your lessons. Loosen up and have some fun with the kids.

- Brain breaks- is the place to be. I dance with my kids to the best brain breaks from Koo Koo Kangaroo. It makes for a happier classroom and this is something you can do all year.

- Extra recess- shhhhhhh. This may not be an option for some if your admin is strict about recess times BUT research has shown the more than one recess a day can be beneficial for our students (and IMO the teachers.)

ALSO, remembering that there are only 6 Mondays left in the school year helps. Have any tips??? Comment below.

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