9 Ways to Use Your Photo Organizer

Saturday, June 25, 2016

So I jumped on the bandwagon and decided to buy one of these rainbow colored photo organizers. It was so pretty and marked down from 39.99 to 23.99 at Michael's. How could I say no to that? Well I had a few things in mind on how to use them and I may actually buy another set because these containers are such a great size. I love that it is so compact and feels like a briefcase. Plus, let's face it... it's just so preeeetty! You can easily pull this out and only get which box you need for your activity. Here's a list of ways to use them in your classroom:

1.   Task cards- These are the perfect size to fit task cards and the color coded containers makes it easy to separate them by skill. 

2.   Craft supplies- These are perfect for washi tape, glue sticks, googly eyes, etc.

3.   Math Manipulatives - I use a ton of dollar spot mini erasers for my math manipulatives. The kids LOVE THEM. This would be the perfect way to store them.

4.   Exit tickets- 1/4 sheet size exit tickets will fit perfectly in here. Again the color coding makes it so easy to organizer.

5.   Guided Reading Tools- finger lights, mini slinky's, witches pointer fingers, etc. These are a great size for guided reading tools. 

6.   Anecdotal Notes- If you use sticky notes to take tons of anecdotal notes, these would be perfect for storing them. You could use to colors to organize by small groups or buy a couple of organizers and keep a box for each individual student.

7.   Organize Stickers- These are great for organizing your stickers! If you are a Kindergarten teacher like me then you can never find that pack of valentine stickers you bought a year ago and now it's Valentine's Day again! This would be a great way to keep them organized.

8.   Storing Classroom Labels- This would be great to store you smaller labels at the end of the year. Pieces of your focus wall, calendar, weather chart, bulletin board cutouts, even your letters that go on your bulletin boards would fit neatly into this organizer. 

9.   Center Storage- If most of your centers are printed and laminated like mine then this would be a great place to store them. You could put centers in each color and let your students get their box with the center inside to work on. Card matching games, handwriting practice, sorting, etc. 

So what am I personally going to use them for? I plan on using these for small group. I will be storing my task card assessments and exit tickets in here. We are changing over to 9 weeks so I haven't decided how I will break it down just yet but it will probably be by unit/skill.  Alphabet recognition, sound recognition, blending, sight words, addition, subtraction, composing and decomposing, graphing, coins are some examples of what I would use them for.  The reason that I may get a 2nd one is so that I have one for math and one for literacy. 

If you can think of other ways to use this organizer then I'd love to know. Leave me a comment below!

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  1. I came across your page on IG. I also teach K, we only have half day 😩 Any suggestions on implementing GR in such a short amount of time?

    1. Wow, I am sure a half day is tough! I feel like it is hard to get everything in on a FULL day. You could possibly do a block schedule, reading groups one day and math groups the next day. My students work independently at centers while I am at small groups so as long as you have daily center time you can just pull as many kids as you can, even if it is just 1 group a day. It really only takes 5-10 mins per group. You could make larger groups of 6 kids instead of 4 and that would save a little time. Good luck with your Guided Reading. Small groups are really where the magic happens :)

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