Alphabet Countdown X-X-ray

Friday, April 29, 2016
Today we made an X-Ray print of our hand. 

You need:
Spray bottle to mix some white paint and water
Black paper

Mix the water and paint, have the kids lay their hand flat and just spray a few spritzes. Now the student will have the outline of their hand to use and glue the Q-tips down.

We also eXchanged autographs. Courtesy of the You can find the link to his post on his autograph books below.

This is Greg's Post to take you to his  autograph book! Scroll down to the bottom of his post and look for this image:

And of course we popped our X balloon!  Western day is coming up Monday!

We didn't have time to do facepaint today BUT... an X for X marks the spot would have been good, OR a xylophone if you are feeling like a face painting Picasso!

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