Listening Centers!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2016
I am very excited to have my mp3 players ready for listening centers.

Listening centers has been kind of a headache over the last month so here is some info to learn from my mistakes.

 I don't have a stereo that splits in my room because they ones at our school are broken. I also wouldn't want to use that anyway because my class never does well with cooperating and a huge reason workstations and centers fail is that each child isn't given a choice and their OWN center/workstation. 

So I decided I would do individual CD players. Well those aren't cheap. I was shocked. They were running 18-30$ a piece. No way. So then I found some 8$ ones from Walmart and I ordered 4. 

NONE OF THEM WORKED. Then I read the reviews and everyone was returning them for that same issue. -_-

So I returned them and got some DVD/CD players that I thought would work. It turns out that those didn't have a head jack. -_- Not to mention they were already 15$ a piece.

I decided to look at MP3 PLAYERS as an option because I was already getting higher in price than I wanted. I found some very cute 15$ mp3 players on AMAZON that looked like mini Ipods. 

They didn't work either so I sent them back! Total JUNK. I was hoping the reviews were wrong but they were junk.

 Finally I just decided to spend a little more on something that would work and got these APGPTek MP3 players and they seem to have worked fine in letting me load the music and album image which is a big deal and I'm hoping they last.

This is the main screen when you turn them on and the kids push the play/pause button in the middle.

This is the next screen which they again press play/pause.

Here's how I have them set up. I numbered each book and numbered the songs (most of my kiddo's can't read well enough to look for the title.) They will be able to match the number on the screen and the number on the book. Then they press play/pause. 

Then the image of the book will come up once they pick the right # so they know they are on the right one. I am super excited about this.

I have 4 total!!!

Each has its town list of books that are number and color-coded to its own bin.

After they have listened to the book they must fill out a little sheet on whether they liked it or not BEFORE they move on to the next book. This helps with writing and comprehension.

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