Sunday, January 3, 2016

Halloween and 6 week Tests (2014)

Have a busy week! 6 week testing (yes in Kindergarten and it's much harder than it sounds) and report cards. Trunk or treating, activities all week, a staff meeting(our grade is doing snacks) AND we are getting a new Kindergarten teacher. HOORAY! Here's some fun stuff for tomorrow, courtesy of 

I cannot take credit for these goodies. They are from "Franken-core" on but none other than Mr. Smedley. Can't wait to use them. 

The sight words we've learned. Spooky style. 

I read this book to the kids yesterday and they liked it but SKELETON FOR DINNER was the best! I may make an activity to go with it! Loved it.

I  am going to read this with the Frankenstein themed activities I have today. It's very cute. 

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