Center Storage Ideas

Saturday, September 8, 2018
Whew! Back to school is in full force and I'm here to share some ideas for how to store centers. I've been playing around with how to use all my left over HP instant ink boxes so I decided to make a post regarding ideas on different storage options.

Option 1:
Gallon Bags

This oldie but goodie is my go-to for storing my centers. I find that asking for these on the school supply list is an easy way to ensure I have storage for the year. Centers that have visual explanations are a bonus. I'm in the process of adding those to my previous packs so old ones should get revamped eventually but all my new packs will include these.

Option 2
Brown Envelopes

These are available at some Dollar Tree's and some schools have them in the office for free... so that's a bonus! You can laminate these for durability if you school as a big laminater but it's a bit time consuming so this isn't my go to option but it does make filing them in a filing cabinet much easier so that's a plus!

Option 3
Photo Storage Cases

These have been all the rage the last year. They are super cute but from personal experience, I find that the kids have a hard time opening some of them so even though I bought them for different center options, I will be using them as storage for small group activities that I have to open.

Option 4
Instant Ink Boxes

If you have wondered what to do with these then center storage is a great option. You will mostly likely have to scale down your centers and print multiple to a page in order to get them to fit in the box but has a double bonus, it saves ink and paper! Kid friendly? Well it has the appeal of being a box game so that makes the kids engaged but will they hold up through a year? That remains to be unseen and I'll let you know after some more use!

Hope you enjoyed these quick ideas on storing centers. I'll be added and updating pictures soon. If you have any great ideas, please leave them in the comments! I'd love to know!
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