Anchor Chart Tips

Monday, November 20, 2017

I don't know about anyone else but I love seeing beautiful anchor charts all over Pinterest. It's similar to the new crayon smell or warm copies off the printer. It's just one of those little things that make me happy. Unfortunately, I am not that talented when it comes to drawing beautiful charts off the top of my head.
Also, it takes FOREVER to draw and color a pretty chart only to have it thrown away after a lesson. My heart breaks a little. 
I have found a few tips that make my anchor charts look pretty but are also reusable in my classroom.

I made a few different basic backgrounds with some pretty border. These take forever to color which is why I REUSE them. I used a mix of markers and crayons. Then I use print outs and STICKY NOTES on the anchor chart. I'd like to say that I laminate them and have them all organized but that's just not the type of teacher I am. I print them on regular paper or card-stock as needed. The sticky notes work great. Here are some examples of what my anchor charts look like. 




These anchor chart pieces can be found in my Kinder Reads series. Click here to check them out.
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