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Sunday, November 11, 2018
November is such a great time of the year. Good food, family and most importantly.... THANKSGIVING BREAK! I'm here to talk about my "Step Into Stories," series and hopefully this little unit makes your November a little easier. If you'd prefer the video explanation, then scroll down to find the video ;)

This series comes with everything you need to have a successful and stress free week of teaching. You'll get: 

Lesson Plans
There is a two page spread for you weekly plans which include the TEKS and CCSS standards.

5 Days of Scripted Lessons
These scripts are great for teachers that want more close reading guidance. These scripts also include which support materials to pull from the the unit. These plans have all the support you need for all your learners. It has real-life connections, support materials for ESL learners, academic vocabulary support, visuals for story elements, opportunity for student-centered discussions, independent practice, and closures for each lesson. 

Anchor Chart Pieces
Use all of them for beautiful anchor charts or just what you need. I also outline examples of how to put the anchor charts together.

Posters/ESL Support

These visuals are great for both SPEd students and ESL's as well as your regular ed student. They list the academic vocabulary and a picture example of the word to deepen their understanding.

Each week has four pictured vocabulary words to focus on and differentiated worksheets to practice applying the vocabulary words. If four is too many there is an option for just two words.

You have worksheets for independent practice for every day of the week. There are also a few extra worksheets not included in the daily plans for fast finishers or more differentiation.

Exit Tickets
These are put in the "small group" portion of the lesson plans. That is because this is used as a transition to small group and you can quickly assess the need for reteaching in small group. For example, you pull your guided reading group and do the "setting" exit ticket. Four out of five kids get it wrong. This lets you know that when you read in small group, you need to focus on the setting of the story and gives you the opportunity to reteach the academic vocabulary in small group!

The weekly lesson wraps up each week with a fun craft. There is an option writing sheet that can be added to the craft to turn this into a "writing" activity.

The wrap up of the week includes writing sentences. This can be done on the craft or on a separate writing sheet that is included. There are option mentor sentence that are Kinder-friendly to use.

This quick 4 question, 1-page assessment is Kinder-friendly and meant to be done whole group. It will test on vocabulary, story elements, details, and BME. 

Directed drawing
This is another fun way to end the week! The directed drawing has verbal instructions if you want to do a listening activity or step by step visual instructions. Let them use water-colors for added fun at the end!  If you made it through this post then you're in luck. I decided to list my bear directed drawing as a freebie for you!

It really is all-inclusive. I have included a video outlining everything you get if you want a more in-depth look at the weekly unit. Ignore the "uh's"... it's my first video so I apologize :) 

Bear Says Thanks from Michelle LeBlanc on Vimeo.

I'd love to know what other Read-Alouds you would be interested in adding to this series. Leave a comment below!
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