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Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas Parties are surrounded by food and sugar. Not just Christmas, but I should say, ALL CLASSROOM PARTIES. The easiest thing to do for a classroom party is just load the kiddos up with fun and festive snacks and send them on their way. Well, my second year teaching was a challenge in this department because I had a little girl with diabetes. So, no sugar and I even had to count her carbs for each snack she had! It was difficult but I actually decided to focus more of some fun ACTIVITIES we could do versus just feeding the kids. I decided to do a center-type rotation with some fun activities and it was a HUGE hit. Here are some fun ways to spruce up your Christmas Party!

Here are 5 things from my Christmas Party which were a huge success.
1. Snowball toss.
I took an old toss game and covered it with poster and glued on some dollar window clings for a fun snowball toss.

I used foam balls for snowballs in th toss. It would up being a little hard for them even though they loved it so I also hung a wreath to toss the "snowballs" through so we had an easier and harder version of the game.

2. Crafting center
1$ foam gingerbread men and small lunch bags were decorated for the kids to put their parent gift in, which was a hand paint ornament. I added Christmas stickers and smelly makers to make this center even more fun.

3. Pin the nose on Frosty
This was 4.99$ at Party City. I wrapped it around a foam board and laminated the noses since they were just stickers. This let the kids reuse them over and over with a thumb pin versus only 8 stickers. If the blindfold broke (it only had one) I had a red dollar spot beanie on standby to pull down over their eyes. #alwaysbeprepared
4. Photo booth
Althoigh this wasn't set up as a "center." It was very cute and fun for parents to take pictures with the kids. I also snapped several to send to the parents that missed the party via class dojo and/or remind app.
(photo props are from Creative Clips on Tpt)

5. Facepaint
Kinders go crazy for face paint and all we did was a cute little Santa hat on their cheek which took a minute each. While waiting to get their face painted, they would sit down and eat a bit.

Overall, another great party that wasn't focused on sugary foods (although we did have that.) Fun easy games like this are perfect for taking the focus of food for kids that have dietary restrictions such as diabetes etc.

If you have any fun ideas from your Christmas party... I'd love to know. Leave me a comment!

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