Froggy Fun Outdoors

Monday, May 2, 2016

Frogs!!! YUUUUUUCK! But kids love them?!?!?!?! No idea why. I think they are slimy and gross but hey, to each their own. That being said, if the kids love them, then it's time to ENGAGE them in some learning activities. Learning outdoors is perfect for Spring weather!

If you have a pond or watery area then that would of course be perfect for looking for real frogs. If you have the nerve to do that. ME? No no.... I'll pass. I'd rather settle for some nice... slime free printables of frogs to search for outside! ;)

Here's what you'll need:

Eggs are a STEAL after Easter. You can stock up and find so many uses throughout the year. 

The printables are here.

And then stuff the eggs. Color coordinating your teams makes it fair . This can be for 2 kids or two groups.

Hide your eggs! I put one of each color but the yellow team can only get yellow eggs and green can only pick up green.

Lastly race to the finish. Instead of using this printable. A poster board that is bigger could be painted or give the two groups their own mats. 

Great STEM activity to get our early learners having fun, being active and engaged in SCIENCE.

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3 comments on "Froggy Fun Outdoors"
  1. What a fun idea! My daughter loves searching for those eggs - she'd have a blast with this one!

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